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July 29, 2008


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How are you guyz? I am still exhausted from my yesterday DANCE-PARTY !

I am leaving for vacations in a few hours… I won’t be able to connect to the internet so I can’t update my site. We will talk again in about 10 days. I am going to visit a beautiful Greek island somewhere in Cyclades!

Moreover, I want you to know that I updated my Arctic Antics Guide! I added every single coupon I know! I hope that this will help you! I wish good luck to all of you for winning this week’s Arctic Antics competition!

I want you to keep my site updated with your comments!

Have a nice day!



July 28, 2008

Bellerophont’s 10,000 Hits Party

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Hello everyone!!!

I would really like to thank you for coming to my party! It was awesome! See the pictures of the party :

The party started at my igloo. Everyone was there!

After some minutes Cool Comp, the owner of Arctic Antics site, came to my party!

Then we decided to ROCK Club Penguin and we moved around in almost every room!

At the Beach:

At the Dock :

At the Coffee Shop :

At the Pizza Parlour :

At the Iceberg :

And finally at the Dojo :

The party lasted one hour and it was GREAT! After that, the remaining people of my party and me went to play Sled Racing and Find Four!

At the Top of the Mountain :

At the Ski Lodge :

I will never forget this party! I really enjoyed and I hope you all enjoyed it too! Thanx again for coming!

Thank you for visiting my site!


Party Reminder

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Hello buddies!

Today is the day of my PARTY on Club Penguin. Here is a picture with all the information you need so that you can attend my party.

If you can’t read the image, use this conversion chart that I made so that you can get to the party.

  • The day is Monday, July 28th at 2PM Penguin Standard Time.(Today)
  • The party will be at the Server Fjord, starting in my igloo.
  • Make sure you wear your favorite outfit! You may have your picture on this site.

This party is going to be a blast!

I hope to see you all there!


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