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October 10, 2008

New Club Penguin Stage Play, New Pin & Other Cool Stuff!

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Hello penguins!

The new play at the stage is here and it is called “Planet Y” !

Check out the new Costume Catalog by clicking the Costume Trunk icon at the “Club Penguin Catalogs” widget on the sidebar of the blog!

The new Club Penguin Pin is the Microscope Pin! You can find it into the Sports Shop!

In other news : Gary has sent all agents a postcard with a secret message!

It says : “You are being called in for a special assignment please report to HQ as soon as possible -G”

It is probably for the Club Penguin Mission 9 but we already did the mission! Check all the Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission Guides by clicking HERE!

Moreover, it looks like Rockhopper is coming back! I can’t wait for his Pirate gifts!

CLICK HERE for my Rockhopper Guide!

Have fun!




  1. i think rockhopper will be here next wednesday

    Comment by scott — October 10, 2008 @ 12:27 pm

  2. hi theres a 1000 day old penguin giveawy heres the link

    Comment by scotlandcpman — October 10, 2008 @ 3:21 pm

  3. Hey 😦
    my bro is banned forever if u can give me a good conditioned peng on my mail that would be really nice and i will gvie u wat ye like.

    Comment by Ninja boy1 — October 10, 2008 @ 6:05 pm

  4. you rock and thanks for adding me your mini party rocked tigerman08

    Comment by tigerman08 — October 10, 2008 @ 11:28 pm

  5. Hi I think I met you before well comment back at

    Comment by Mileskee — October 10, 2008 @ 11:59 pm

  6. Hey belle, heres a way to get FREE membership!
    1. go to
    2. Register
    3. Activate your account by clicking link in email
    4. Log in
    5. Go to Available Offers
    6. Do an offer (around 1 point per offer)
    7. Once you get 5 points, click Custom Offers (or Available Offers) and buy a CP Membership Card!
    8. You can save up points to buy other items! Like Game Consoles or iPods.

    Comment by HanSolo996 — October 11, 2008 @ 12:49 am

  7. Belle, dont listen to hansolo! Its a hack! srry i could make it to the party…were you doing something for 50,000 hits? THE PLAY IS AWESOME!

    Comment by Coolvictor25 — October 11, 2008 @ 10:46 am

  8. geia sou. o andreas ime 😉 se parakalw katevase msn na milame pio eukola, den se vriskw sto xat. kai plz apanta se auto to comment. mporw se parakalw na doulepsw mazi sou? ime poli lipimenos, kanenas den mou mila, den kanw posts kai an den peis nai tote mallon parataw ta sites 😦 kai mporei kai genika to club penguin. se parakalw, to 3erw oti esu eftiaxes to site, kai episis kserw oti 8a kaname telia omada. exw polli empiria kai kserw polla pragmata kai episis mporw na kanw posts pio grigora apo esena, ka8ws argeis ligo meta pou erxese apo to school. episis 8a prospa8isw na kanw oti mporw gia na paroume para polla hits! se iketevw… den exw tpt allo, kanenas den mou milaei 😦

    Comment by andreasmich — October 11, 2008 @ 1:58 pm

  9. i dont understand tha comment above mine can some one translate it

    Comment by resbaladizo — October 11, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

  10. im sorry its greek lol 😛

    Comment by andreasmich — October 11, 2008 @ 3:52 pm

  11. Nice Post! 😀

    Comment back by clicking the name! 😉

    P.S: Comment on the page marked “270 Funny Pictures.”


    Comment by mmopuk — October 11, 2008 @ 4:08 pm

  12. could u translate that greek for me please andreasmich

    Comment by danieliskillingu — October 11, 2008 @ 6:54 pm

  13. i am exchanging 2 of my 4 beta testers with every free item , pins and backgrounds that have existed in cp with 1000 000 coins and 1079 days old for a member penguin or a 6 month membership or giftcard

    for those who want to make an exchange with me my email and messenger is:

    Comment by danieliskillingu — October 11, 2008 @ 6:58 pm

  14. HEY BELLE. i uploaded some pics from the party.You can take them at my blog.

    Comment by glen1515 — October 11, 2008 @ 7:49 pm

  15. It was just a quick party! Thanx anyway buddy!

    Comment by Bellerophont — October 11, 2008 @ 7:55 pm

  16. your welcome

    Comment by glen1515 — October 11, 2008 @ 9:13 pm

  17. omggeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PENGUIN STORM ISS SOOO CAWLLL. they should have follow bots tho =[

    Comment by Cutiiez — October 13, 2008 @ 3:05 pm

  18. It’s NOT a hack, it really IS a way to get free club penguin membership. Go to the site, look at testimonials, look at prizes, watch the videos, go to, etc. IT IS NOT A HACK.
    Enough proof?

    Comment by HanSolo996 — October 13, 2008 @ 4:49 pm

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