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December 31, 2008

Bellerophont’s Huge Party Invitation

Hello penguins!

My blog reached 250,000 Hits and I would like to celebrate that by throwing a party!

Moreover, I would like to host this party so we can all say a “BIG WELCOME” to 2009!

Here is my party invitation :


Here is a briefly described way of it :

Server : Fjord.

Room : Dock

Time : 12:00 PM Club Penguin Time.

Date : Saturday, January 3rd

You are all invited!

There will be featured penguins so be sure to be there, dressup with your best clothes and HAVE FUN!


My penguin, Bellerophont, turns 1 Year Old in 2 days so I want you all to come and celebrate it with me today at my party!

Thank you all for visiting my site!



December 30, 2008

Club Penguin AC3000 Returns & Fireworks

Hello penguins!

Ski Lodge is filled with snow! There is a NOTICE saying : “Snow being stored for February fun!”


I guess there will be a Winter Party on February!

Moreover, you can go check some cool fireworks for the New Year Celebration at the Iceberg and the Ski Mountain!



There will be here until New Years!

Note : You can CLICK HERE and read my guide on how to beat that mission and of course all the other missions!

In Other News : As you may have seen we reached 250,000 Hits on my blog! Thats means a huge party to celebrate it! It will be this Saturday and and it is going to be a party for the 250,000 Hits on the blog, the New Year Celebration and the Happy Birthday of Bellerophont! Yeah, thats it! Bellerophont turns 1 year old in a few days and we will celebrate it! Furthermore, the 1st of January is my Name Day( Billy ) here in Greece. So, keep in touch to get the latest news about my party and of course Club Penguin Cheats!

Thank you all for visiting my site!


New Club Penguin Mission

Hello penguins!

The 10th Club Penguin Mission is out and it is called “Waddle Squad”!


You can CLICK HERE and read my guide on how to beat that mission and of course all the others!

It is an easy mission and we almost got Herbert! Do you like it?

Have fun!


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