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February 27, 2009

Club Penguin Pin Cheat & Rockhopper is Here!

Hello penguins!

Here is the new Club Penguin Pin Cheat!


Go to the Iceberg and get the O’ Berry Pin!

Moreover, Captain Rockhopper is here with some cool Pirate Items!


Click on the “X” on the map item and you will get the porthole!


In Other News : Rockhopper took Yarr ( Rockhopper’s red Puffle ) for a walk and if you go on Crow’s Nest you won’t see the Yarr there.


Also, check the Rockhopper’s Noteboard and see the little white puffle in one of his pictures!


I bet Club Penguin Team will release the new white puffle any time soon during March! What do you think?

Have fun!



February 20, 2009

Club Penguin Furniture Catalog & Puffle Party Cheats

Hello penguins!

The February/March Better Igloos Catalog is here!


Here are the cheats for the new Club Penguin Furniture Catalog!


Go on the 6th page of the Catalog and click on the Pinata to get the Aquarium!


Go to the 8th page of the Catalog and click on the Snow Castle Tower to get the Green Bird House!


Go to the 9th page of the Catalog and click on the Velvet Rope to get the Welcome Mat!

The Puffle Party is here and there is a new free item on Club Penguin Isladnd!


Go to the Cove and get the Puffle Bandana!

Dont forget to check the Puffle Painting in the Lighthouse! You can sit in the stage and yellow puffle will paint you!


There is a pretty cool Feeding Puffle area at the Snow Forts! Check it out!


In Other News : Captain Rockhopper is on his way to Club Penguin Island!


What is Captain Rockhopper going to bring this time on the Club Penguin Island with him? Maybe another pirate???

Whats your opinion about the Puffle Party? Are you having fun?


February 18, 2009

Puffle Party Update

Hello penguins!

It sounds like we and our puffles are going to have a great time at the first ever Puffle Party that starts this Friday.

If you’ve been busy putting puffle furniture into your igloos, be sure to check out the new Better Igloos catalog that’ll be available on Friday!

Here is a sneak peek :


It looks really interesting, isnt it?

Have fun!


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