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March 23, 2009

The End

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Hello friends!

This will be my last post on this blog and the reason is that I quit blogging. Many of you already knew that, since we had a great Good-Bye party on Club Penguin this Saturday.

I started this blog 9 months ago and the reasons were :

a) I found Club Penguin a great game.

b) I wanted to help people with the cheats and stuff .

c) I wanted to broaden my horizons in English language (since its my 2nd language) and PC knowledge.

After 9 months of blogging I decided that its time for me to quit. Here are some reasons :

a) I dont have much free time to continue blogging. I dont have any more things to offer and I dont want this blog to end in a bad way. It started great and I want it to end in glory, like now.

b) Club Penguin is getting boring day by day and I dont really play it like I used to, so its not really enjoyable to post things about a game that doesnt offer as much pleasure as it used to when I started playing it.

I made many good friends these 9 months and I spent many hours in front of my PC talking about Club Penguin( and other things…), especially on my chat box. I met people that I will never forget in my life. People that really helped me with the blog, people that cheered me up in real life problems and difficulties, people that were true friends for me.

I will never forget anyone and I would really like to say a great THANK YOU to each and every one of you that visited this blog, from my heart, for everything.

This blog was a personal work and I wont get anyone to continue it because this is Bellerophont’s blog and no one else’s. The blog will remain as it is right now and I wont delete it because there are some really good pages that can help you with Club Penguin and some really nice posts that will remind us all the great times we had here and on Club Penguin island.

Here is a video tribute to this blog that I made :

There are many people that can’t watch the video due to copyright problems. Watch it by clicking here :

You can download and watch the video on your computers by clicking on the following link :


I hope you like the video and never forget me, as a person, and my penguin Bellerophont.

I will still come on Club Penguin and on my chat box to say a hi but not as often as I used to.

You can post your comments until 24/03/2009. ( I opened this blog 24/06/2008, 9 months ago) After that day not any more comments will be allowed.

Have fun whatever you do in your life always!

– Your friend, Bellerophont.


March 21, 2009

Bellerophont Good-Bye Party Review

Hello penguins!

The party ended and I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you for coming and having fun! It lasted about 1 hour and it really rocked! It was my last party on Club Penguin and it will always be in my heart together with ALL of you…

The party started on Snow Forts and many penguins-friends were there waiting for me!





After that we moved to Ice Rink!




Our next destination was out lovely Iceberg! That thing will  never tip!




We moved to the Top of the Mountain for some Sled Race and then to Ski Lodge for some Find 4! You still can’t beat me 😉




After that we went for a while to Dock…



…and finally, we had some fun to my iggy!






I really enjoy it and I hope you like my party too! I will write my last post this Monday and you will be able to comment until Tuesday. After that no more comments will be allowed and the blog will come to its end…

Thanx again everyone for everything!

You all rock!

Have fun


March 9, 2009

End Is Coming Soon

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Hello friends!

I would like to infrom you that the end of Bellerophont’s blog is coming soon… When we reach 500,000 the blog won’t be updated anymore with Club Penguin Cheats. I will host a party on Club Penguin that period to say a great Good-Bye to this cool blog! I won’t delete it because there are some very cool pages that can help you with Club Penguin and some great posts to remind us all the great days we had on Club Penguin island. I will still go on CP (not very often though) and on my Chat Box to talk with you and have some fun because you are all very good friends and I am going to miss you all (but never forget you)…

50,000 more hits till that day… Until then, have fun!


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